One day in peaceful Yootopia,garbage mass starts to fall from the sky. YooHoo and Friends speculate the garbage hail was hurled from Oops & Coops, but they were also the victims. The garbage hail turned out to be space junk having wandered the universe and fell with a plump. At this rate, Yootopia will be a trash heap shortly. YooHoo and Friends get into adventures boarding the spacecraft Roodee developed to figure out the waste meteors, and Big Boss commands Oops and Coops to run after YooHoo and Friends. In the space, YooHoo and friends find out a huge garbage current, and moving along the currents, a big island of trash comes into their sight. The garbage has been thrown away from each planets we live, and since the garbage is kept generated from each planets, it is no use just to clean up the rubbishes in front of them. At that moment, “Ellie”, the robot Roodee invented, tells about the Recycling Planet which is the only key to get rid of all the space trashes and make the universe clean as the past.